Probate Matters

 Probate Matters

Your grandfather has just died, leaving behind a sizeable estate in the Willamette Valley and a confusing family hierarchy: you and your siblings, and a wife he only married 5 years ago. The will is somewhat unclear, and was changed without your realizing it. Plus, he’s been in hospice for the last 3 years, and of doubtful soundness of mind.

Although you don’t want a lengthy legal battle on your hands, you do want to make sure your father’s real wishes are respected and you get your due. No one can blame you there, but it’s not necessarily possible without professional legal help.

Of course, your story might be different from above, but the gist is the same: Probate matters often take a long time to sort out, and even more so when there’s any sort of contention. It’s time to get the help you need from Underwood Law.

Underwood Law assists its clients with Probate needs by providing seasoned legal advice regarding:

  • General Counsel & Representation of Personal Representatives
  • Probate Disputes & Litigation
  • Filing Creditor’s Claims in Probate Proceedings
  • Probate Avoidance Advice & Counsel
  • Collaboration with Estate Planning Counsel to Mitigate Risks & Taxes

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