gavelYou run a small tax advisory practice in Portland, catering to farmers. Then it turns out one of your clients has been fudging their tax return, growing things which ought not be grown without reporting them and following careful regulations put in place by legalization legislation. You’re subpoenaed. Your emails and records are requested. You are told to await further instructions.

You are scared.

While a situation like this doesn’t necessarily have to end badly for you, it can if you aren’t careful. And it’s not limited to tax accountants either; any professional can find themselves swept up in this way without knowing it. At some point in your business, chances are you will find yourself embroiled in a legal dispute, which is why it’s critical you have the right legal advice at your side. That way, you can come through unscathed and go on with business as usual.

Underwood Law assists its clients with Arbitration needs by providing seasoned legal advice regarding:

  • Prosecution & Defense of Litigants in Court-Annexed Arbitration in Oregon
  • Prosecution & Defense of Litigants in Private Arbitration
  • Service as a Court-Annexed Arbitrator in Washington, Clackamas, and Multnomah Counties in Oregon

Arbitration Topics

Understanding Oregon Court-Annexed Arbitration

If you have been sued or are considering suing someone in Oregon Circuit Court, you should familiarize yourself with Oregon’s Court-Annexed Arbitration process.  Hopefully, this article will help provide you some background.   For civil cases where monetary damages do
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