The Risks and Benefits of Civil Litigation

The Risks and Benefits of Civil Litigation

You are upset with your neighbor.  You were involved in an accident.  You are facing a business or other personal dispute.  You might be angry.  You might be upset.  You might be injured or wronged.  Now what?  Perhaps litigation is a viable option for you.

Like many people, you may want to just: “Sue ‘Em!”   That’s a natural reaction, and possibly a healthy decision depending on your circumstances.  However, before taking this serious and important step, strongly consider talking to an experienced litigator to evaluate your situation beforehand so you can make a rational, calm, informed, and good decision before things escalate.

There are many risks associated with litigation, which can include significant cost, expense, time, frustration, and stress.  However, some matters simply need a Court’s involvement to obtain justice or to reach a final and fair resolution.  

There are many benefits to litigation.  The decision of a neutral judge or arbitrator can sometimes provide a better recovery for you in lieu of a negotiated settlement depending on your situation. Also, litigation can bring finality to disputes that are otherwise difficult to resolve on their own.

If you are experiencing these kinds of issues, please take the time now to contact a good litigator to evaluate your personal situation and assess your legal risks and the benefits of litigation.  There are time limits that apply to some types of legal disputes so do not wait to talk with an attorney to ensure you are fully informed.

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