Can My Real Estate Agent Negotiate My Real Estate Sale/Purchase?

Can My Real Estate Agent Negotiate My Real Estate Sale/Purchase?

Are you considering buying or selling real estate?  Maybe it’s your first home, or maybe you are a real estate investor accustomed to buying and selling commercial or residential properties.  You might ask: “Can my real estate agent just negotiate my real estate sale or purchase?

The short answer is “yes”.  You can attain the help of an experience real estate agent, but you can also represent yourself.  Before you start the real estate paperwork, you may also want to seriously consider having an experienced attorney help you understand the many uniform real estate forms you will likely be presented with in this process to fully understand related contractual matters in this complex area of law.  You should also understand your legal obligations as a seller depending on the type of property you are selling and important issues of due diligence as a buyer to protect you from future risks and legal problems before your sale closes.

Buying and selling real estate is exciting and can bring with it great financial returns, so take the time to contact competent legal counsel to review, draft, advise, and/or negotiate a favorable real estate transaction for you.  Contact Underwood Law LLC to discuss how we can assist you so you can focus on what’s important to you and your family!  

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